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Made of waterproof material-like rubber, leather, vinyl, plastic, and without laces, the galoshes are successful in winter and leave, instantly, any look more hip and fun. But it wasn’t always that they were journeying the world fashion, in fact, the fad of galoshes is very recent. Before, the galoshes were used by people working in plantations, in companies or in places that needed greater protection to the feet, to avoid the risk of accidents, besides also being part of the uniform of the firemen and footwear required, for example, between employees of cleaning companies.
Highly resistant and comfortable, these boots are ideal for those rainy days, where is only mud and water through streets, and remain with your feet clean and dry.
The galoshes turned fashionista and feel they got in the closet fashion lovers there is very little time ago, around 2008/2009, when in national and international catwalks emerged, and never came out; always being one of the first options in cold seasons.
With the great demand for the attachment, the original galoshes appear increasingly colorful and stylish, with patterns and different textures, as well as innovative design. Anything to give that touch of joy and fun that was missing in any look more basiquinho, and get the look of boredom and common sense. And has for all tastes: galoshes with glitter, chess, poás, varnished, with drawings, little rock style, with studs, buckles and skull face pattern, flowers, anyway, a multitude of models and sizes also.
As today the offer of galoshes is quite sharp, where the main brands of the world betting strong on them and create even more unique and beautiful models, really is not a task any easier to choose the right gumboot, to walk you, either on a rainy day, or even at parties , outdoor concerts and country places such as farms, ranches and farms, doing always beautiful and fashion.
First, before I go and pay at that incredible model, all unique and colorful, first, make sure that you’re really going to use the piece, and then not be afraid, and end up touching the galoshes, for thinking that will draw too much attention (make sure it is going , yes!). If you find that you still don’t have enough courage to face a bolder galoshes, stay with the discrete models of a single color or patterned more “normal” as the boss.
It is also necessary to know combine galoshes with the right outfit, not to run the risk of going around, instead of stylish and advanced, in costume and fall over. So, think of the colors of your clothes you’re wearing and Note If the galosh model will combine with them. If you choose to use colorful pieces, go for flat or galoshes prints and neutral colors, suggested by YOUREMAILVERIFIER.COM. If the look for monochrome, in muted colors, can play in different galoshes and vibrant colors. They are also beautiful with dresses, skirts and short shorts or knee length (accompanied by a thick pantyhose or leggings) and skinny jeans.