Blue Topaz Jewelry for Sale

The name is derived from the Arabic ‘topazos’, which means as much as ‘found’. The name was adopted by the Romans and the Greeks. It is believed that the stone was found in the Arab region in the Red Sea. Topazes, also of Blue topaz, have the hardness of 8 Mohs and constitute a distinct group. Lithium, chrome and several minerals give the blue topaz color. Blue topazes are precious stones, which is available in different shapes, sizes, colors and qualities. This one comes then that the blue topaz of course has different shapes, oval, round, square or any form of fantasy, and is also called Cabochon. But its most beautiful luminosity comes through the traditional brilliant cut, it is simply the most beautiful and bright touches of the world. Click here for reasons.
But the most important thing you get here is fine blue topaz jewelry in real silver or real gold worked always at prices that your same search, which means they are always up to 60% on RRP and always with the best price guarantee.

Imperial blue topazes and their color
White or imperial topazes have an aluminum fluorine silicon connection, which get their color varieties with various metals. You will find precious topazes in West Africa, Australia and Sri Lanka. The blue topaz is supposedly also the lucky stone for artists and artistic people. Carry a beautiful large pendant with gemstone next to the skin. It is intended to help in case of nervousness, even headache, shortness of breath, and many other diseases. Even the scholar, poet and later canonized spoken Hildegard von Bingen, proves the blue topaz as 9th cornerstone (great healing effects). Because of the blue color of the stone was often confused with diamonds and aquamarines that it was found much later.
Zodiac sign Leo (July/August), twin (June/July), Libra (Sept/Oct), Aquarius (Feb / March) can benefit from the blue topaz. There are very light blue, light blue, medium blue (Swiss blue) and almost dark blue (London blue), this is usually due to different types of radiation. There’s the topaz also in white.
Most blue topaz stones are combined with brilliant-cut diamonds and sapphires, though sometimes different colors of blue topaz are combined together, the interplay with sapphires is enjoyed. Of the metal colors of blue topaz harmonizes with yellow gold jewelry, white gold, and also rose gold excellent, you will also find blue topaz jewelry in all three color options here. And of course the matching sparkling silver necklaces or gold chains.
Blue topaz and its history
The “El Dorado” was originally 37 kilograms and is known since 1984. It comes from Brazil from the mine Gerais. It is a yellowish-brown variety of topaz. Even after it has been processed in the emerald cut, it still has a weight of over six kilograms. What a gem! It can be seen in the National Museum of natural history in Washington D.C. Also the Blue Topaz can be admired in the form of exceptionally large and beautiful stones there. The “Brazilian Princess” is a light blue variant weighing 4.2 kilograms. A little more modest one comes the “Topaz Azul”. He weighs “only” 1.6 kilograms, but shines in a wonderful, vibrant blue. However, you must know that topaz is one of the minerals that can form crystals that are very, very large and heavy. One of the largest and heaviest crystals has a length of over one meter and a weight of 2.5 tons, which was found in Mozambique. These special specimens are share to all people, because they are open to the public and you can have a look at. But as a gemstone in a special piece of jewelry it is unique for each Frau.Nun these examples are slightly too big for a blue topaz ring, a size in between 1, 00 ct and 30.00 ct are ideal for the blue topaz ring.
This gem fits with sky blue to white as well to yellow precious metal. Thus, you can wear jewelry with topaz to almost all pieces of clothing. The topaz is also known by several other names in the trade. It is called also Finder´s-, Killiecrankie -, Mogok -, Saxon – or slave diamond. Chemically they are in the mineral topaz an island silicate. Silicates are silicon oxides. In the case it is in connection with aluminum. Also fluorine and hydroxide anions are in the chemical formula. Topaz, known as orthorhombic crystals is in the form of double pyramids. They can occur as long prisms or pillars. A glass-like shine occurs on the surface of these crystals. In its pure form, the topaz is colorless and transparent. Grid construction errors in the crystal or polycrystalline trainings promote multiple refractions. Thus, the topaz can appear white.
Blue topaz bracelets
The different colors can be found in the mineral, resulting from admixtures of various ions in crystals. So the common color spectrum ranges from yellow, pink to brown-red, purple, light blue to light green. The darker a stone, the more its transparency will decrease. On the hardness scale after Friedrich Mohs, the topaz receives the number eight. This means that it is a very hard mineral, if you know that diamond has hardness of 10. Topaz is a very brittle mineral but at the same time can be easily split. The blue topaz has a bright, pale or but also intense sky blue. But be careful: very intense colors indicate mostly on an artificial treatment of the blue topaz. The muss is negative but not verification, other darker shades such as London blue or Swiss blue, which simply beautiful act with somewhat smaller blue topaz stone at the blue topaz bracelet. In combination with a pendant of gold or blue topaz bracelets, the sky blue of the blue topaz has a mystic. As a gemstone, the blue topaz is also among the jewelry classics.
Blue topaz pendant
This gemstone is mined in Norway, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, the Ukraine, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. To the origin of the name, it can be said that it is believed that it comes from one of the first sites, the island of Topazes in the Red Sea in derivation. Where the mineral found ultimately proved olivine, which was confused due to the similarity with the blue topaz. A second explanation of the origin of the name can be traced to the Sanskrit word “Tapas”, this means as much as fire or light. In history, a very nice, clear topaz has played a major role in the 17th century. It was believed it would be the biggest ever diamond and put it in the Portuguese crown. This topaz was given even its own name: imagine Braganza-Diamant.Jetzt as a stone above surrounded by diamonds and an opulent blue topaz ring cool and matching in the same style the blue topaz pendant.
Blue topaz and signs of the zodiac
The assignment of the blue topaz to the zodiac sign, planets and as birthstone is apparent from the history. Aquarius (21.01.-19.02.) and Sagittarius (23.11.-21.12.) are associated with the blue topaz as a zodiac sign. You have to wonder but associate about it, if this is not everywhere uniform handled because the blue topaz in all regions at the same time was known. The blue topaz is not associated with a specific planet. It is mapped as birthstone November. It shall bring the glory to people who were born in November. As well, it provides for a clear look, so that you can recognize hazards and risks. How many other gems also, so is also the blue topaz said to have a particular effect on physique and psyche of the people, but the pure blue is topaz rather rarely used due to its fairly high price as a healing stone. But who doesn’t shy away from the award, which was said to cause the blue topaz to a positive attitude to life, because it encouraged people to take our own decisions. It makes people act purposefully and self-consciously. It should also promote specific talents. The physical well-being in particular at problems in the neck area is supported by the blue topaz. Cross between mental and physical discomfort, attributed the stone to a supportive effect on addictive diseases.
Blue topaz earrings
To fully develop this effect, a blue topaz if necessary on the skin should be worn; this is easy in blue topaz earrings and blue topaz necklaces. As mentioned, it is good for neck, wearing close to the neck is recommended. Here you can wear a necklace with a gemstone of blue topaz for a beautiful look perfectly with the healing effect. As the stone in contact with the skin should be supported, natural dirt, skin particles, cosmetics, and similar to the stone deposit, so it should occasionally be cleaned. It should be cleaned with clear water, preferably with rain water. Rainwater therefore particularly is suitable because it is lime free. Never use cleaning agents to do so. As a result, the blue topaz is attacked. It is important to know the following: the blue topaz is one of the light sensitive stones. When intense sunlight, solarium, garden sun or black light gradually loses its beautiful color, so jewelry with topaz stones when not worn should be kept in a lightproof container.
Blue topaz jewelry is sensitive
Also, the makers or owners of jewelry stones from blue topaz again be pointed out that the stone is indeed hard, but tends to faster cleavage. Therefore it is recommended necessarily not to do the housework with it. A slap to an edge could make the piece of jewelry to pieces. For ladies in carriers of topaz stones, who like to screw on the car, then beware of the battery acid. These are concentrated acid and beautiful blue topaz unravels in this unfortunately, with the formation of dangerous fluorinated gases or vapors of hydrofluoric acid. You should keep even less concentrated acids, in the form of cleaning and detergents, from the blue topaz. That’s why good barrels positioned so the blue topaz rings and blue topaz bracelets should be protected from the sides and from below, because these are the strongest stressed jewelry pieces. The blue topaz pendant and blue topaz earrings usually never come up with something hard out of your skin in contact, whether as silver jewelry or gold jewelry
And yet a very important note: your blue topaz should never, never undergo strong temperature fluctuations, i.e. not from the ski slope immediately under the hot shower. Don’t do that or it will shatter the stone. If these small hints are heeded, then your jewelry and the wonderful stone is safe, no matter in a gold ring or gold necklace.
Therefore, please no sauna visits or even no ski trips with blue topaz rings or blue topaz earrings.
Blue topaz rings in combination
The blue topaz is used mostly on a diamond ring, combined center a large blue topaz and diamonds all around, this is the most classic version. The modern is the combination with sapphires or emeralds. The blue topaz is processed in each genus of jewelry of course, rings, earrings, pendants, medallions to the chain or the matching bracelet.