Bleed – fair and vegan streetwear from Germany  

The German label shows bleed, stylish everyday clothes can be sustainable and environmentally friendly produce. Finally, only natural materials and recycled synthetic fibres under the sewing machine come with the young company. Thus, neither the environment, animal or even human must bleed the bleed apparel! We felt such a forward-looking brand should not be missing in the online store. In the brand idea of bleed, you can find out more about the eco-conscious label and why some clothing manufacturers of this can cut off a slice.

Environmental awareness has become a normal part of many people’s lives. We buy organic vegetables, separating waste, worry us about animal husbandry in the meat production and perhaps even to switch off the stand-by button on the TV. But actually what about clothes? Eco-fashion – let’s be honest: this was so far in many minds the generic term for stale hemp shirts brand potato sack and baggy linen trousers. That you can but sew right chic robe with pure natural materials which is more than proven in the streetwear market, prove the boys and girls from the German label bleed.
The hallmark of bleed: vegan, sustainable and fair fashion from natural materials and recycled fibre. In 2008, the independent company in the upper Franconian Helmbrechts is located and primarily rooted in the skate, sport, (kite) surfing and climbing. The designs, which fit perfectly between the well-known lifestyle brands such as Carhartt and Nikita are accordingly casual. Produced 90% in Europe and 10% in Asia. bleed is available for the connection of young, trendy lifestyle fashion with a fully sustainable, environmentally friendly production chain. Thus, the answer to the desire of more and more customers who think far and simply want to know what they’re wearing on the skin is bleed. Bill takes the bleed with his distinctive transparency thinking.
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What comes to bleed under the sewing machine?
Sustainability makes itself visible or invisible on the Franconian label on all sorts of corners felt, whether for us buyers. Follow bleed a clear policy in terms of materials: it should be of course! So natural materials are processed as organic cotton, Cork, the regenerated fiber Tencel of eucalyptus, as well as hemp, linen and even wood – all naturally renewable raw materials. They are together then also likes. Chic clothes from organic cotton with a belt made of Cork, jackets with buttons made of olive wood and shirts from a cotton-hemp-mix, here and there flavored with beautiful details from Cork, range include, for example, the bleed.
For the functional jackets with Sympatex material bleed exclusively recycled polyester used to avoid the excessive use of new crude oil, as it is common in the production of synthetic fibres, and to save an amount of CO 2 in the production process. Also, so no new garbage is accumulated.
All materials and their entire production, manufacturing and delivery process by the way follow the strict guidelines of the GOTS certificate which authoritative contributes to the transparency of the whole process and the customer certifies that he has really bought an environmentally friendly product that he can wear with a clear conscience.
What is the GOTS certification?
GOTS stands for global organic textile standard. Companies that produce organic textiles under the GOTS certification, must comply with the established standards of the GOTS in its entire production chain. This includes, for example, that grow the raw materials for the fibres without toxins, pesticides and fertilizers, animal welfare prevail and prevent the use of is – all this under the guidance of genetic engineering, to leave as little as possible marks on our planet in the textile production and resources responsibly. So the conditions are respected, all parties, which are part of the production chain, are controlled by independent external experts. Also that in the reasonable and humane working conditions, payment agrees and the textiles produced by people who are all around satisfied with their place of work and the terms attention strictly.
In addition to the GOTS the synthetically manufactured recycle synthetic fibres receive certificate the bluesign label from bleed an also sustainable, resource-conserving production.

Herzblut is rewarded
As if all of this still not convincing enough, can rely bleed in addition to a richly stocked trophy case. A year after the founding of the label began the success story, a bleed 2009 was in the finals for the ISPO BrandNew Award. Among other things the bike Expo BrandNew Award 2011 followed 2010 PETA Award for the most animal-friendly fashion label. 2013, the animal rights organization PETA honored bleed with the fashion award. This shows not only the pioneering character of the brand, but also that it has paid off, with great passion and the environment for the sake to go isn’t the most convenient and cheapest way!
The boys and girls of bleed represented a new generation of conscious, globally-minded and idealistic people, where sustainability and fairness have already become a matter of course with their exquisite attention to the globe. That this style and fun on the Draußensein do not miss out, brings the bleed motto on the point: 100% eco – 100%-150% yeah!