BlackPhone, The Smartphone That Will Ensure The Security and Privacy of The User

The Spanish company GeeksPhone announced today what are working and what appear in MWC 2014, a Smartphone that makes use of a modification of Android that have dubbed as PrivatOS.
In the words of GeeksPhone and Silent Circle, mother companies of BlackPhone, it comes pre-installed with all the tools you need to move around the world, conduct business and stay in touch, at the same time that protects you from prying eyes.
Blackphone It’s a Smartphone free for what works with any GSM operator. At the moment the technical characteristics of the same as well as either the exact possibilities offering PrivatOS not materialized. The only information that we have is in the presentation of this website.
It is the result of a commitment to the safety of GeeksPhone and Silent Circle, the co-founders of the PGP encryption system company. In the words of the same:
“The tools installed in Blackphone give you everything you need to keep the property in the presence of your mobile and your fingerprints, making sure that no one else can see him without his knowledge.”
Between the features promises are:

    • Make and receive secure calls
    • Send and receive secure SMS
    • Share and save files secure
    • Ensure the anonymity of the user browsing privately via VPN

We hope to offer you more information about BlackPhone as MWC 2014, scenario where will be presented officially the same and will become one of the first Smartphones-proof looks beyond”go approaching.