BlackBerry Priv: Great Potential But Still Work to Do | Reviews USA

In the night has expired the embargo on American reviews BlackBerry Priv, smartphone that should be available in the UK and other markets. Priv is a highly anticipated device for various reasons and the main ones are definitely.

  • It is the first Android smartphone BB
  • is one of the very few Android with physical keyboard
  • It has a rather large battery
  • is a BB and the software has interesting applications

These elements have helped last week to create a strong hype around the product and many users are seriously interested in purchasing. Unfortunately the sale price is really very high and discourages the purchase to day one but, being an Android, the devaluation should be very fast and through e-commerce we hope to soon see prices around € 500.
Until we can prove it, from America come the first reviews that are on one side the other enthusiastic and highlighted some aspects still to be refined.
First Assembly, construction and quality of the device is great and the hotel design. The physical keyboard is the real added value and is made very well and you write without problems but need a bit of practice and you may initially schema. Also the gesture pad allow you to move easily between texts and menus and you have everything free without display and keyboard take a good half (and this is the main difference in usage).
The software is well done as it does not lose its Android and improves with the BclackBerry software. Unfortunately the responsiveness of the system is not always perfect and in moments of extreme fluidity alternate slowness and lag certainly not fulfilling. The Hub is a great idea but if you have a large number of messages, email, tweet or else it will require a bit of configuration and ordering.
Turning to the camera, the quality is good but the software is slow and does not allow to have a yield equal to that of other top range of last generation. Also the front room not convincing but for quality and not so much to slowness.
Finally the price, which is $ 699 in the us is still defined expensive (they don’t know that in the EU will cost 799 € probably). Overall therefore has great potential but Priv BlackBerry still work to be done , especially optimization and software side.