BlackBerry Priv, Details about Update Management and Unlockable Bootloader

That Blackberry has relied heavily on the safety factor with its new Priv is no mystery: in the past weeks the Canadian writer told us many times how he intends to make it the safest on the market Android devices. Blackberry official blog today shows us another piece fondmentale to achieve his goal: how to manage software updates .
The efforts of the company will be organised on three levels: to begin with there will be an early integration of safety issued monthly updates from Google; These will be notified to users, who will have to decide whether to install them or not (like everyone else, on the other hand).
The second point is much more interesting and unusual and provides that, in case of leaks or particularly serious bug, is released a hotfix automatic emergency for which the user may decide to opt out.
Finally, in the business, the updates will flow through the Blackberry Enterpriseservice, so that you can verify 100% compatibility with any business application owners.
At the same time, Android Central has published an interview with Ron Louks, head of Blackberry device. Some interesting facts have emerged, including the fact that there is no intention to alter the aesthetics of stock Android-or, more generally, anything that does not serve to improve safety; Louks also said it is already working the Marshmallow-based firmware, which should arrive in the coming months. As we have seen above, he also remarked that the number one priority will be timely security updates.
Always in key, don’t nobody know that the bootloader will not unlock in any way (ok XDA apart perhaps); on the other hand, would mean denying the main focus of the device. We said right from the start, but it is clear that this will not be the right device for modders and hackers.