Blackberry for Beginners

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 is especially to attract price-conscious buyers. For a mature business phone but lacks the small curve equipment.
The curve 8520 is intended as a cheap beginner model. It comes in the typical BlackBerry-style with a good and full QWERTY keyboard and a 49 x 37 mm large display with 320 x 240 pixels. The buttons under the display are integrated with the 8520 flat into the housing and convince with an excellent pressure point. Otherwise usual trackball curve models RIM has exchanged for the first time the for the 8520 a touch-sensitive Navi-key. With a little practice, the control works out quite well, however users that a trackball control are used to, will miss it. To determine the sensitivity of the Navitaste itself via the menu.
Business users benefit from the pre-installed application “Office To Go”. You can look at this word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and even edit. BlackBerry-typically you will find a mail client for email accounts with push support. However, you must enable the push email feature extra.
A player that displays ID3 tags and album art provides musical entertainment. You can adjust the sound by Equalizer on your sound preferences. Your own headphones can plug in thanks to the 3.5 mm jack on the phone. Above the housing you will find buttons for the music player. The simple camera at the rear can capture photos with maximum two million pixels and cut with small set to music videos. The quality of the photos can be seen despite rather low resolution. (Photo Gallery see pictures).
The 8520 weighs 106 grams and is built very pocket friendly with 109 x 61 x 15 mm. Also, the processing is fine.
Acoustics can be heard the 8520. Voices of course sounded both on cell phone, landline and also from the handsfree, and were easy to understand. The battery life is quite satisfactory with good three and a half hours at full power. The working speed of the 8520 also went into the test right.
The 8520 who quickly wants to send data over the cellular network, can use limited.Reason: RIM has bought the mobile UMTS nor the data Turbo HSDPA. You can use only Wi-Fi, EDGE or GPRS for wireless data exchange.
Web Access makes sense with the 8520 limited. If no Wi-Fi available, the user needs patience when sites or receiving mail insidiously slow performance.
The 8520 is a one dough equipment, which should appeal to the typical BlackBerry clientele and offers also the rudimentary functions of a BlackBerry. However, RIM dispensed with the 8520 on important features such as a fast mobile communications standard or GPS. After all, Office user will come thanks to “Office to go” at their own expense. During a telephone conversation, the phone with good voice quality shines. You get off immediately the RIM BlackBerry 8520 curve nearly 240 euroswithout a contract in the price comparison.
If you are looking for a real workhorse and want HSDPA, a full QWERTY keyboard plus elegant design and good workmanship, make sure that Nokia E71 a look at. The mobile phone with GPS and navigation function ranked four in the business mobile phones instantly and currently costs from 265 euros in the price comparison (As of August 2009).