Bivouac Sack Reviews

Enjoy the night under the open sky with the Bivi bag

Whether trekking or mountaineering, a bivy bag belongs in any case with in the luggage. Bivy sacks are often waterproof, windproof jacket for the sleeping bag, which allows one night under the open sky. Just when one would like to reduce the weight of the baggage on longer trips up on the essentials, bivouac sacks are almost as an alternative to the tent. But not only substitute the tent, bivouac sacks are good! In case of emergency bivouac sacks often prove true life-saver.
If you not able reach the next hut on mountain tour, a night’s lodging can be built in an emergency and bivouac sacks can be used as a shelter in strong weather changes. Also in case of accidents the bivy bag can warm up the injured and offer him protection until rescue arrives.

What must bivouac bags can?

In general, a good bivy bag should be windproof, protect from moisture, and prevent cooling of the body overnight. Weight and pack size should also fail as low as possible. If you want to spend the night in the open air at lower temperatures, a bivy bag with breathable membrane is advisable.
Bivouac sacks without breathability are cheaper, but have the significant disadvantage that at low temperatures the body heat condensation inside. The sleeping bag is so wet and warm properly.
Whether the planned bivouac or as emergency equipment – bivouac bags are an important companion, when it comes to big tour. Nestled in the sleeping bag and bivy bag up top and pulled it is protected against wind, weather and cold and can recharge for the next day.