Bike tools (41)

Rut – the helper at the roadside

Great weather, the wind roars cooling around the ears, it is really in his element and then the breakdown happens. A flat tire, the circuit no longer catches or again the temporal bless the chain. So out of the rut! Bike mishaps are not only annoying, they also occur mostly, if you can not use them. Therefore, it is essential to have the corresponding rut in the luggage especially on multi-day tours. To check-in time so the tool kit and it’s “touring capabilities” to test!

I pack my bicycle tool bags…

And what does take… you actually think? On a bike tour, you must be prepared for all eventualities. If the pedal clamp or the tire loses air, it is extremely important to have always the right bike tool at hand. But no problem! The brands Park tool, tip top or other well-known manufacturers offer everything you need for the mishaps emergency.
Come on: I grab my bike tool box and take my repair kit. Bike repair kit is almost a “must-have”. And rightfully so. A hole in the tire or the tube is the most common bicycle mishap. Therefore, the repair on all cases to the rut Breakdownset include with. The repair kit is there mostly as a set from multiple patch. And them there are turn self-adhesive or fixation with vulcanizing solution. Get in the tube at all, in order to be able to patch it up, the tires from the rims must be removed. And to do that you need a tyre lever. These practical helpers are compact tools that fit loosely with the emergency kit.

Bicycle tool must still with on tour?

, A tool that may lack in no case is the crank puller. At least if the bike does not have a built-in crank puller. With this rut in the square format is, as the name suggests, removes the handle from the bicycle, causing problems with the pedals can be fixed. What still needs the bike tool box? A chain whip! It is necessary that for work on the Cog package so that it can be fixed and not with turns in the “Puttering”. A spoke wrench or spoke key called is also never wrong. With such a rut, the nipples can be solved or cocked again. As a result, the tension can be regulated. Different keys as an Allen key for Hexagon socket, cone wrench, wrench and pedal wrench must also not be missed.
For major work on the bike, a stand is helpful. They are generally portable, adjustable height and compact foldable and enable work on the floating bicycle. Who so something do not want it rut in his emergency, should think anyway about a purchase for the home workshop. All together, this is over “I’m packing my bike tool kit” game. So it is prepared on tour and has always the appropriate bike tool at hand at the roadside!