Bike parts

To the dream bike with the right bicycle parts

, The matching components make the bike out of the box to the desired car. Crankbrothers and other well-known manufacturers of bicycles can be with all possible available in the shop items from Shimano, Fizik, swallow, look, whether touring bike, racing bike or mountain bike to the individual racer remodel. < br / > to obtain an overview, there is some general information and buying tips on the topic of Bicycle accessories.

Bicycle accessories: big parts

Kits, frames and wheels are among the large parts of the area of bike accessories in the first place. There are single frames of mountain bike and road bike frame, where the correct size is primarily relevant. In addition especially the construction (Marathon wheel, wheel of time, touring bike, fully, hardtail, downhill bike, etc.), construction material (carbon or aluminium), the geometry, design and of course the equipment (drilling, mounting options, etc.). < br / > wheels it’s first of all on stability and size (note the suitability for the respective wheel and tyre type). In addition, weight and aerodynamics play a crucial role for ambitious cyclists. < br / > kits contain certain framework coordinated accessories such as fork, rear derailleur, shock, Seatpost, brakes, etc. Of course also separately the big parts in the Bicycle accessories are forks and are selected according to weight, material, length and attenuation properties.

Bicycle accessories: smaller parts

, Small is relative here. In this category of bike accessories include in particular the switching and braking components. The MTB is the diameter of the Bremsscheibe(je schwerer, desto größer) and the braking performance, as well as the weight to the fit and the disc brake (if necessary adapter necessary). Also decides in addition to the fit, performance and weight in the race (brake) aerodynamics. < br / > the drive should fit the components to each other. The power of the circuit is only as good as the weakest link in the chain. Each high order, the more longer-lasting and more more control and comfort. Very lightweight and high-quality racing versions are in turn less resilient, but for easier. The bicycle chain has by far the highest wear and must be replaced frequently as a set of sprockets and chainrings. < br / > handlebars, stems, grips, bar tape and saddles and Seatposts are as well as the pedals primarily ergonomic aspects chosen, since they are the points where the driver is in contact with the wheel. < br / > finally are important components in the area of bike accessories also bicycle tyres and bicycle tubes and should be according to the aspects of puncture strength , Rolling resistance, tire size, diameter and profile will be selected. The heavier the wheel, all the thick are the tires. Ever thinner and less pressure and profile, the less resistance is available for quick trips. Then also the liability is restricted to what can be dangerous in wet conditions.