Bike kits (13)

Bike Kit

Is a simple and practical idea pivot behind the kits of the bike brand: framework and component set be purchased separately. This has the advantage that many combinations can be achieved. A bicycle set thus consists of the frame and the mounting components are perfectly matched on the extent and conditions of the framework. The system exists for race sets, as well as mountain bike kits, bike kits can be assembled quite easily at home according to the instructions.

The frameset damper on the basis

forms the basis of bikes with mountain bikes the wheel set consisting of frame and shock absorbers. The absorbers are already integrated in the frame, because the shocks are often specially tailored to the data of the rear building kinematics. So, the spring characteristic of the overall system is determined by the Dämpfertune, the shock oil and geometry and construction. The parts of the bicycle complete then the other bike components, such as circuit, fork and brake Kit.

What components are right?

Shimano versus SRAM, RockShox, Fox and the choice of components is big. Which fit in on the desired purpose, depends on the requirements of the driver. So, forks have, for example, different response and are distinctive spring characteristics. Under braking, different brake fluids with their advantages and disadvantages exist, systems with one or two piston differ in weight and Bremsperformance. A detailed advice before you buy helps to select the correct components.

The benefits of the hot-tracked package

with the bicycle kits can be various combinations of frame parts. All components are perfectly matched to the frame, so the Q-factor, the bulk of the tax warehouse and the switching eye length agree and the buyer needs to worry more about this data.