Bike Covers for Outside Storage

Bike covers – the perfect “travel accommodation” for the bike

“Who loves his bike, which pushes”? No, who appreciate his bike, gave a practical bike cover him for the trip! Bike covers, which are nothing but transport bags for the mountain bike and road racing bike. Who wants to keep his bike during the camping trip or moving in a plane, bus or train optimally protected, robust bicycle covers not get around!

What ever a case for the bike?

Mountain bike freak or race best time Hunter, wire donkey enthusiast can be some cost your sports equipment. So the expensive bikes to travel are well housed, a cover you need, which can withstand what. And here, bike covers are used. These covers protect against wind and weather and keep away from their precious contents scratches or damage impacts.
Not only the bike must be protected! On an extensive tour the wheel is one thing above all, dirty. Here, bike covers, the other pieces of luggage in bus or train from pollution protect. Also the bike with a protective case can be taken in the evening in the hotel room or the youth hostel. So almost like with a bicycle Pajama!

What klönnen bicycle cases?

First the most important: a protective case for the bike must be robust. Finally, a bike has a certain weight. Sharp edges, whether may be also a problem of outdoor or indoor. For easy transport, it needs robust carrying handles and neck straps.
Some shells provide practical shoulder strap or even roles at the bottom for easier transport for bicycles. Frame pads and separate compartments for the wheels are depending on the model, also with it. Whether bike covers by VAUDE, EVO, Bach, or another quality manufacturers, one thing is certain: when it comes to travel, you need a cover for the bike!