Bike Anchor Hammer Chain & Lock

Hard but for sure – chain lock the values bike secure with the matching bike lock

lot of Bicycle accessories revolves around the issue of security. But hardly an accessory is more important than a decent lock us on the beloved road bike or mountain bike. But not only the wheel itself, but also other valuables such as luggage bags or the helmet with the right bike lock their theft protection.
When buying a bike lock, there is to observe a lot. In addition to various closure systems and different Securelevels, especially different types of locks are available. If you have to choose between u-lock, spiral cable lock, cable lock, chain lock and folding lock, some instructions can do no harm. These are the following.

What should be considered when purchasing a bicycle locks?

First of all, you should consider how important that is a security level of the bicycle lock. Should it be only a compact Castle to take or quenching for the old town bicycle? But a professional, hardly knackbares bike lock for the new MTB or expensive road bike? Or simply an uncomplicated solution for protecting theft of luggage and accessories?
This question goes hand in hand with the choice of the appropriate type of bike lock. Cable locks and spiral cable locks are usually lightweight, economical and compact variations that can easily attach to the frame with a bracket or find place also in the backpack. They deter and are secure on tour or for accessories such as bags and helmet. Also offer this bicycle locks by the flexible wire rope that is coated with plastic, versatile mounting options of solid objects and do not scratch the frame.
The cable lock is convenient and requires little storage space similar to flexible and also chain locks are equipped with a casing. This variant bike lock is however considerably heavier and more durable than rope models. Without bracket and how processed cable locks to the Seatpost can.
If you want to make any compromises when it comes to security, you should access to the robust folding or u-lock. This rather heavy and large variants are very stable and are attached by mounting in the frame triangle. They offer only a conditional RADIUS for mounting on poles or fences and are not always outside padded.
Therefore, the stop point of the wheel should be well chosen and crash the bike lock does not violate the valuable framework. For this, we get the locks with the highest level of security. More points should be considered when buying are corrosion protection as well as type of closure. Plastic does not rust, but breaks easily. Key, you must preserve, keep number codes. What you preferred here is ultimately a matter of taste.