Big Earrings: How to Use at Parties

The sets of maxi jewels is here to stay and the proof of this is the success of maxi maxi maxi necklaces, rings and earrings. The big earrings, as well as other accessories in large dimensions, can be extremely casual or incredibly sophisticated, depending on the model and how you solve them.
So in this post we give tips on How to use big earrings for you raze in their holidays or even on the day the day before to put a “brincão” you need to be aware that the play draws a lot of attention, and so it should be used in a more discrete look for and ev ITAR exaggerations.
For teens and younger women is indicated using only one brincão, to one ear. They can also abuse the younger models of big earrings, like those that have feathers,for example. In the image above you can see some nice models.
The earrings can be used both with your hair down, and it stuck. Some women opt for hair up to prevent the attachment screw in or something. The makeup should also be more clean, as the earring itself is already quite daring.
Now for the holidays, ideally you choose accessories that are between two styles such as Baroque and modern. This will cause your earrings won’t be so marked and add softness to the visual. Attire or turtlenecks are beautiful with big earrings, which can be an interesting trick for anyone who wants to kick butt!
Remember that trends cannot be fully adhered. Ideally you find what else goes with your style and then dilute the trends creating visuals that have to do with your personality. But what about you, what do you think of the tips that we split up?Leave your comment here on the blog these and others.