Bicycle saddles (22)

Bicycle saddles

On the bike weighs a large part of the body weight of driver on only a few centimetres seat meat. Is so hard to overestimate the role of saddles, the selection of the right model will decide the seating comfort. Longer tours and multi-day activities, the saddle can be crucial to success. Various models set different priorities in upholstery, material and form and are specialized in their respective field of application.

A saddle for road and MTB

with calipers, the distinction between special saddles for road and MTB for many manufacturers, also at Fizik, has become obsolete. Both pursue the same goal, namely maximum seating comfort for long bike trips no wonder. In other words: a saddle for fit bike, can be also on a mountain bike-wide round turn and vice versa.

Hard or soft? The pad

sizing at bicycle saddles, the distance between of the seat bone is determined and closed on a saddle size. Whether and how strongly a saddle is padded, depends but by the degree of habituation and the demands on the saddle. Performance-oriented athletes prefer hard and narrow saddles with little friction, so that the leg scrub not sore. To relieve it enough seat complaints often to increase or decrease the nose of the saddle by a few millimeters. Those who prefer more padding, can choose between various ergonomic models with gel pads.

Special models

alongside special Mr saddles there is Meanwhile a variety women’s saddles, which are tailored to the specific needs of the female anatomy. Some saddles are designed for fixing small saddlebags. While many models put on aluminum stays, there are also carbon variants. This material has different absorption characteristics, which is why he is used also for seat posts. Road bikes and racing cyclist have partly suspension and damping systems in the saddle, to increase seating comfort.

Selection of the suitable saddle

who want to determine the size of his saddle, can sit on corrugated cardboard with the sitting bones and then measure their distance. The optimal saddle causes no unilateral pressure spots and distributes the pressure evenly in the seating area. No scuff marks on the thighs may not be even at prolonged pedaling. With the proper cycling shorts with a high-quality insert and an ergonomic design, the comfort is further increases.