Bicycle Lighting

Bike lights for the perfect visibility in the dark

A light going on one, or two or three! On the bike, bicycle lighting ensures the full vision in darkness or twilight. Backlight or frontlight, good lighting is essential when visibility is poor. In the outdoor area as well as on the road! If so on the extended tour breaks the dawn? Bicycle lights on and continue!
, A complete bicycle lighting system consists of a front light and a red light to the rear. A clear view on the way, but also a good visibility to other road users is provided together with the corresponding reflectors. High quality bicycle lighting is mandatory as a signal elements for road use or as powerful illumination in the night tour,!

High-performance bicycle lighting can be a lot

The wheel fan imagine far more under a modern bicycle lamp as the flackerige Ali from days past. Strong luminosity, durability and high light and above all an independent power supply make the bicycle light to a real high-tech product.
Bicycle lighting has a lot on the box these days. In terms of luminosity, they need at least not to hide. The brightness of the bicycle is specified in LUX or lumen lights. They can be used as practical light, for example, even at rest or at a roadside. Some bicycle lights have this a flashing light function, to generate attention in emergency situations.

The bicycle lighting is there?

Generally we distinguish between Dynamo systems and bike lighting with rechargeable battery or battery operation. While the Dynamo systems depend on the bicycle Dynamo and light only when struggling in the pedals, battery/battery systems are far more independent. Modern mountain bikes and racing bikes, usually just lighting systems with independent power supply be used.
Lights for the front page are there to light the way. Be attached to the handlebar and are to install with just a few hand movements and back removable. Tail lights are there for the signal effect. So become aware of other road users, also in complete darkness on the cyclist. More reflective elements on the wheels and pedals increase the visibility again.
With bright light of Lupine, Supernova, CatEye, Busch & Müller, Sigma, or another brand manufacturers, maximum visibility and safety at twilight or darkness is given. In this sense, “Let there be light!”!