Bicycle Disc Brakes


Bicycle brakes are components on the bike with the most important – who is traveling fast, needs a reliable brake. If you are looking for a new brake, can choose from a variety of options. RIM brakes or disc brakes, mechanically or hydraulically, each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Proven technology: RIM brakes

Rim brakes have proven themselves for decades. They are widely used in racing bikes, bikes of older year can be easily fitted with new models. How it works is simple: the brake pads, called also brake pads, generate friction on the rim and unfold their power this. Mechanical brakes the brake arm symmetrically distributed the tension of the cables on the two brake pads, generates a leverage effect and increases the braking force. Hydraulic models have a higher stopping power, but also a major maintenance, since they must be vented regularly. Repairs on the way fashion is often difficult.

Strong and reliable: disc brakes

Especially for mountain bikes, trekking bikes, Cyclocrossern and recently bikes strong disc brakes are used. The driver can operate with one or two fingers and a minimal force, when wet it brakes reliably. In addition, they protect the rim and risk not to overheat it and thus to bring the hose to burst. Although there are also mechanical disc brakes with Bowden, hydraulic works the majority of the models. For this purpose, one speaks direct power transmission and an optimum modulation of braking force. The size of the disc has a direct impact on the leverage effect of the brake and thus on the braking force. Brake kits are often equipped with a larger front and rear with a smaller slice. Four finger firmly on the handlebars serve everyone else if necessary during the braking stage remain in the one-finger operation the switch handle. Hidden in the brake caliper brake piston two or four, with Shimano brakes efficient cooling mechanisms are used. The manufacturer of BreakForceOne works with an innovative brake booster by optimized lever ratios, what a light and extremely strong brake allows.


Which brake is the best choice, not least depends on which system was designed a bicycle. Hydraulic brake systems, especially disc brakes, are strong and reliable, maintenance complex but in the trend. Mechanical disc and RIM brake are easy to service, they they are suitable also for older wheels on the road.