Best Women's Rain Pants for Backpacking

The appropriate rain trousers for rough weather

Comes in a real downpour every usual pants material to its limits. So it stays dry not only on the upper body, right rain pants I need for rough conditions in the luggage. Such as in the area of the jacket is permanently waterproof trousers called Hardshells. Here an overview should help to facilitate the buying decision of rain trousers.

The carry principle: rain pants to the Drüberziehen or insulated rain pants

The best-known variant of the rain pants is the classic Brais. Who needs only a rain cover, pull if needed just over it. Weight and packing size of these trousers are small, so you can have it always them for emergency (Pack bags usually included). Because any waterproof material in relation to the breathability is inferior to an only windproof material, should the Braisedit this page due to the body climate only for the duration of the rain or as protection against extreme abrasion (Overdrive) wear. < br / > insulated rain pants are an alternative for activities in the winter or mountain range. Here the Hardshell exterior fabric and a lightweight thermal lining are connected to a pair of trousers. So annoying and undressing and wearing an insulated pants including deleted. Reduced adaptability is the downside of such pants.

Processing and equipment of rain pants

Cheaper models of rain pants are usually made in a two-layer, in-house material of manufacturer. The seams are getapet and the material remains permanently waterproof. The substance on the skin sticks with special coatings. The cut of rain pants is in general relatively wide, to allow simple Drüberziehen. Just who is under extreme conditions or needs a high resistance to wear, should resort to a three layer construction. Comfortable tightening with shoes is if the side zipper over the whole length ranging pants, which greatly simplifies and provides ventilation. Anyone looking for a cycling rain pants, should have make sure the crotch area is increased (three layer) and the lower leg to an adjustment. Integrated suspenders avoid thermal bridges and are recommended for Hardshells for alpine operations. Hardshellhosen designed for winter operations are warmly lined and have an integrated snow skirt. And who buys like persistent find models made of recycled polyester (E.g. Fjällräven eco Shell) also when choosing a good rain pants!