Best Smoke Detector

By 2015, all occupants of a dwelling, owner or tenant (except apartment), must be equipped with a smoke detector. Before start you, which should you buy?
The Decree of the Act, mandatory smoke detectors in all homes 2010 requires that the device “detect smoke issued from the beginning of a fire” and “beep immediately enough” to wake a person.
Once these closed two respected, you have the choice as to the operation of the smoke detector.
The unit can be powered by batteries or can be connected to the mains. In this case, the smoke detector should also be equipped “with a backup power supply likely to take over in the event of electrical malfunction”.
On the other hand, the smoke detector should be EN 14604 standard, in effect since 1St may 2008. This label guarantees including the life expectancy of the battery sold with the device which must be greater than one year. It also attests the presence of a sound signal on the smoke detector.
For homes already equipped with a smoke detector, please check if the unit is marked it. If this is the case, it is considered to be old and may not meet the European requirements.
The NF standard represents another certification can be found on the boxes, but that is not essential.                                                                   The price of a smoke detector
Regarding the price of a smoke detector, the range is wide. The detectors battery are cheaper than the detectors operating on sector.
At basic prices, you can find safe detectors or safe device  (meeting the standards of the Decree of 2010) between 10 and 20 euros.
Some detectors can go up to 80 euros or more if they also detect for example carbon monoxide.
Knowing you need to equip several parts of your home, think before you invest, and compare the offers; Some providers also offer lots of smoke detectors