Best Rock Climbing Chalk Bags

Solid grip on the rock with the chalk bag

Wet and sweaty hands are a problem that should be known to every American rock climber probably – just in the summertime -. Order to guarantee always a firm grip on the rock, Chalkbags should belong to any well stocked climbing equipment. Inside the Chalkbag magnesium carbonate is said chalk that dries your hands and so ensures safe and slip-free grip in powder form, or easier. Chalkbags are attached to the climber back in the harness at hip height so that they can be reached without any problems with both hands. Because the climbing route is more demanding, it is more important that any handle fits perfectly.

-Quality Chalkbags – what must you can?

Chalkbags is available in many designs, sizes and colors – but which one is right? A chalk bag should be small and well used, eventually you would not be impeded Yes when climbing. Nevertheless, the opening must be large enough so that you can access it without any problems. Many Chalkbags have therefore increased intervention.
The outside of a chalk bag should be made of water repellent material, so that it is protected against splashing water. Also, a chalk bag should provide a tight closure system. So is prevents on the one hand from dirt and moisture, keep the chalk getting loose and dry. On the other hand the chalk not reached so also at the wrong moment – for example, at home or during transport – outwards.

Practical details for the Chalkbags

Many models have also zipped pockets to stow some trinkets like key, small change, or mobile phone. Brush-holder for the Boulderbrush is incorporated in many chalk bag designs, so you can liberate handles from dust and dirt. The color choice is of course personal preference: from simple colorful patterned -. A huge range of Chalkbags guarantees that every climber and each bouldering is right for their needs.