Best Outdoor Navigation Watch

Purposefully on the road with the suitable outdoor navigation

Whether modern GPS device, detailed hiking map or classic Compass: there are numerous ways to orient themselves out there. Knowing the direction is one thing; but the matching history to find the other. Therefore help the devices to the outdoor navigation not only in itself your way, but also the day objective to find. No matter whether traditional or high-tech equipment, each comes with the right equipment and some background knowledge on his own expense. And what is more embarrassing than to get a tour and then not even knowing where they are actually stopped?Here are some notes about the different methods for navigation.

Types of equipment for the outdoor navigation

The classic is still a compass. If adventurous on the road is right, can you then get knowledge of target direction, where you want to. Compasses are used alone navigation but rarely to the outdoor. So do specialists most adventure racer and survival. In conjunction with a map, the compass is probably the common method for navigation.
However he should be missing on any tour in unknown terrain (particularly beyond the civilization in mountains, forests, deserts), because quickly it has even lost. < br / > compasses should offer a reasonable scale, a strong magnet and a clear, colourful representation. Models for cards or the thumb are correspondingly more compact and have a readout scale with ruler. The navigation map is popular and practical.
Compared to GPS, has one more initiative and time, learns more about the route but also independently. Good hiking and cycling maps for navigation are coated, folding and have a practical representation of size with additional info (supply points, accommodation etc.).
At the mobile GPS devices to the outdoor navigation it saves properly time and much travelling is also money and weight (for maps). Must you familiarize yourself first in the technology and should keep in mind depending on the intended use battery power and ease of use. Choose cycling necessarily easy-to-mount models with touch screen, while hiking and mountain buttons handy. < br / > for mountain runners, Tirathleten, explorers and mountain bikers there are also practical clock models with GPS. < br / > Accessories for the outdoor navigation goes from TPU map pockets on distance meter cards and pedometer to Chargers, card sets for different regions and mounts for mobile GPS.