Best Lightweight Three Man Tents

Interesting facts about three man tents

In addition to the basic design in particular geometry and material in relation to the purpose tent at a 3-person an important role. An overview of 3-persons tents there are the following.

Design of a 3-man tent determine: tunnel tent, dome tent, or surveyor

The construction of a tunnel offers the best balance of weight and tea room at a 3-person tent. Also, they offer a quick and easy set-up as inner and outer tent are usually tightly linked (the inner tent is hooked). The dome construction is the most common form of construction of tents. Dome tents are self standing opposite tunnel tents. Weight can be saved through the use of less linkage arches. Also, the intersection of the linkage provides good stability. Inner and outer tent be rebuilt here usually separately. The advantage that individually to use the inner tent tents for most models of 3-person as a mosquito net at mild temperatures. The third way to set up a 3-person tent is the construction of a Geodäts. Refers to a type of dome construction in which the rod bows outside several times overlap. So, the outer tent is almost divided into smaller areas. Because this immensely increases the stability, geodesists especially for use under extreme weather conditions (strong winds, storm) suitable. As a general rule: for changeable weather, a three person tent with external linkage is preferable (building in the rain possible without having the inner tent is wet!). For summer tours, a separation of the inner and outer tent offers greater flexibility in adapting to the Witt mineralization conditions.

Geometry of 3-persons tents

3-persons tents are expected mostly sleeping width 60 cm per person. You should consider this and the length taking into account the own body size and the individual course needs. Is also important to bear in mind whether you would like to store the luggage prefers inside (for practical reasons: security and fast access) or even (minus degrees outside). This (very lightweight 3-person cannot accommodate tents under the awning may be several great backpacking) depends also from the construction of apses.

Ventilation and weather protection 3 – persons tents

Straight when several people in a 3-person tent sleep is important to pay attention to sufficient ventilation options. Multiple inputs provide up to. Coatings, all 3 people are permanently waterproof tents in this area. Who campiert when freezing temperatures would necessarily to a silicone coating attack, because this also with large temperature fluctuations is non-porous.