Best Clothes for Trail Running

Shirts for trail running and jogging shirts – indispensable when jogging and trail running

Featured running clothing is just as important as the proper running shoes. It does not matter whether a cosy round after work, or a crunchy trail in the mountains is on the agenda. With a suitable shirt runners properly strenuous units feel more comfortable in your skin. For trail running and jogging, there are special shirts, where some points are taken into account.

For a reliable dry feel when running

An ambitious runners completed his stint, year-round, in heat and cold necessary in winter with skiing gloves. For that he needs a running shirt suitable for the weather conditions next to a running jacket and a pair of running trousers. Shirts belong in the area of technical clothing. Therefore, there is long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts, which in turn are designed either as a base layer or as a middle layer.
For all models is the function in the foreground, the breathability and the moisture are of vital importance. To avoid that unpleasant cools the body by evaporative cooling, sweat is absorbed immediately and glides away from the skin. For this specialized manufacturers such as Pearl Izumi and adidas put on modern functional materials with compression and a body-hugging cut. The runner stays mobile and dry on the skin.

For you to cool not – long-sleeved shirt Funktionsshirts – for each runner the right choice

the most shirts consist of synthetic fabrics. These fibers are lightweight, fast-drying and have many advantages on the track. The shirt is not wet and heavy on the skin. Many models of Salomon and Dynafit have ventilation inserts. This ensures a reliable, cooling air circulation. Most modern fabric offer UV protection, which is important in mountain runs, or in the summer.
If you like of course prefer it jogging, to the high-quality Merino shirts icebreaker not coming around. So that a running Jersey is not unpleasant, there are special anti-microbial treatments that will counteract the unpleasant odours by welding-neutralizing bacteria from forming. Comfort plays an important role. Finally, the shirt should not restrict and abrasions are uncomfortable on long trails. Optimized cuts solve this problem brands with abrasion-free flat seams and running sports. Through different material compositions – the stretch plays a role here – the fit is optimized in addition of shirts.