Best Carabiner for Mountaineering

Karabiner for the rock climbing, mountaineering and more

Safety in mountaineering should always come first, snap in the equipment of every climber are. A robust carabiner is obligatory when the climbing and mountaineering, because finally hangs his own life to him Yes literally. Modern carbines are made nowadays for weight reasons almost exclusively of aluminium. In addition to the carabiners for climbing, also known as material carabiners are available. All easily with them what it takes to mount attach to the harness, but they are due to the lower capacity not for climbing.

Which lobster comes out with on the mountain?

Since the climbing sport has experienced a real boom in recent years, offering high quality lobster on the market is also correspondingly high. Nevertheless, it is not that hard to find your way in the world of the carabiner.
The perfect carbine should be very easy, very stable and easy to handle. But above all he should not solve alone. Therefore also equal to one of the most important issues when purchasing a carabiner: what type of closure should be chosen? If it must go quickly as in between backups, the snap karabiner is used.
Everywhere where it’s 100% security, such as the self at the stand or the partner backup are locking carabiner used. There’s this carabiner screw or with an automatic valve. In General, in any case, it should be taken to but that the shutter closes securely. Who wants to have a carbine, which opens automatically in contact with rock or rope friction?
Nowadays one can assume however, that are modern brand products of the highest quality and guarantee the highest level of security.