Beauty Tips of Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes, owner of an explosive, beauty is authentic and known for your body outlined, the result of much effort! She gave an interview to the Spanish Glamor this month and featured various beauty tips that are between your skin care routine and makeup. I took the most interesting and I decided to make a post here on FF, after all, a beauty tip is never enough!
One of his rituals to the care of the skin is to exfoliate and moisturize every day, to do so, she uses Crème de La Mer at, in addition to facials every two or three weeks and Thai massage on the body. Eva said it tested several brands of shampoo and conditioner, but you have two items to which is faithful and uses every day: the conditioner Pantene mixed with coconut oil, sometimes she mixes and sleep with your hair and smudged, States that it is the best thing to restore the highlights!
Have your lips are fleshy 24 hours to be hydrated lips soft and bulky, the Lip Color Zero Conductor of Armani ‘s spheres carrying the light and leave your mouth pretty well. And to maintain the natural bronze, don’t leave home without retouching with the bronzing powder Animalier of D & G. Are very good tips and most are accessible to us lowly mortals!
What is your favorite tip?
Photos: Reproduction
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