Beauty Products with Discounts!

Are 6:00 in the morning. The alarm clock rings. It’s time to get up, stretch your muscles, take a shower, get your hair, makeup, put some clothes on, drink coffee and run so as not to be late for work. Detail:everything that needs to be done in 1 hour! Among so many chores and running early on, the most important are the 30 minutes – at least – the makeup! Remove all cosmetics drawer, select which will compose the look of the day makes (maybe!) the happiest time of day for a woman. Want something better to leave home feeling pretty at 7 o’clock in the morning? Those who do not identify with this story, eh girls? It is for these and others that Brazil is placed third in the world rankings in cosmetics consumption, second only to the United States and Japan. Because of this, we prepare a post today tuuuuudo especially for women addicted to beauty products and you don’t give up a good discount on time to go shopping!
Do you remember that at the end of last year we did a post featuring the BLZ, a shop in Campo Grande/MS (sales for the whole Brazil.) specializing in cosmetics and beauty supplies from ask4beauty. The story made the greatest success and so, taking into account the requests of vain on call, we decided to repeat the dose. Hehehe! For who doesn’t know, the BLZ works with the best brands of the market and with the variety needed to meet the diversity and authenticity of the brazilian woman. Between national and imported brands sold at the store are: Revlon, Bourjois, Artdeco, Lune, Maybelline, Vichy, Duda Molinos, Avène, Neutrogena, L ‘ Oréal, Granado, Inoar, Bead Head, Senscience, Matrix, L’occitane, Alfaparf, Latika, O.P. (I), (F) Hits, Gio Antonelli , among others. The coolest is that in BLZ the client finds a personalized service, which works like this: you can consult the makeup artist at the store to learn how to use the products (including the ones you already have around the House and don’t know how to use!), choosing the colors of lipsticks and shadows that match your skin tone, etc. Another detail that we called a lot of attention is the ability to roll back the value of its purchases in VALLEY MAKE. The customer goes to the BLZ, purchase R $80.00 in products and earn a voucher, with which she has 30 days to schedule with the makeup artist at the store! Showww … love! And for those who prefer, at the store you can also mount kits specific to each type of skin and/or hair – blond hair with locks, oily and dry – and also some men’s options. Super palpiteco for gift giving, enjoying this season that the store’s booming discounts!!!
Check out the flashes we did the BLZ Cosmetics and products that are in the “OFF PRICE”..
#Over … we love to see our favorite beauty products on sale!
Girls, take note there:
On day 8 of February the BLZ will promote an “Esoteric” Happy Hour “with the presence of the astrologer Teca Silva, who will be doing reading letters to the clients who want to know the forecasts to 2014. Will the 2:00 pm at 4:00 pm!!! You are convidadíssimas … Let’s hear the news for this year??