Beauty Products: Racco and Bourjois!!!

You can never have too many beauty products on the dresser, where has a lipstick always fit ten! Exaggeration? Imaginaaa, we women never overdid it, just we’re always prevented. Hahahahaha! So today we made a point to bring to our readers, who worship a palpiteco vain of beauté, the news that found in new space of RACCO/BOURJOIS, inaugurated this Monday (03/06) in Campo Grande/MS. For who doesn’t know, RACCO is a brazilian cosmetics company founded in 1987 in Curitiba/PR and today’s brazilian reference as one of the biggest beauty brands in our market at beautypically. Already the BOURJOIS was founded in 1863 in France by Alexander Napoléon Bourjois, being one of the oldest French cosmetics companies. Now, to the joy of chicks, BOURJOIS products can also be found in stores and in catalogs of RACCO, a partnership that is already making the greatest success among the lovers of makeup!
The lodge of RACCO/BOURJOIS in Campo Grande is recheadaaa with everything you love: makeup, Nail Polish, perfumes, skin treatment, hair, hygiene, child line, bath treatments, improve the functioning of the body, among others. You know the best part? You get there and can test various products before deciding what to bring! Uhuuulll … we love it! You can imagine the party we did neh … kkkkkkkkkkk … the hard part was then choose what to bring to the House, we were crazy wild!!! Meninas…as makeup are a escândalooo, has a lot of options of RACCO and BOURJOIS, enamels with colors baphônicas, and also indicate the line of intimate hygiene RACCO which is wonderful both for women and for men. Ai ai … are suspected to talk because we’re fans of these brands and our greatest happiness is to know that we can count on them near here from us!
Check out the flashes we made at the opening of the new space of RACCO/BOURJOIS!!!
We congratulate the dear Leila Barros and Isabella Pierezan, partners-store proprietary RACCO/BOURJOIS in Campo Grande, entrepreneurship. We wish you success in this new stage muiiito!!!
And ae girls, you knew the products of RACCO and BOURJOIS? Which you indicate?
Get your guess!
-> and see what cool: you too can be a consultant RACCO and have an extra income. The sale runs through catalog products (the famous comic books) and profit of 23% to 40 ranges% of the price charged in the magazine. To be a dealer just go to the store of RACCO/BOUJOIS in Campo Grande (MS), buy R $100.00 in products in store and register!