Beauty Box: Yenzah Hair Care

Hey fashion lovers, okay?!
Today I decided to present to you two products that I am simply addicted, no joke. And as much as they doubt, this post has nothing commercial. I’m indicating why I use it and I really love it!
Well, I won both when I went to CNB 2014 in São Paulo, remember?! And I’ve been using it ever since.
In fact, one of them is aimed at women, but after I started to use I did not stop! Hahaha
Yellow OFF: The first, from the left(in the photo above) is a cream/mask from It is indicated for during the bath, I use after the shampoo and the conditioner, apply and leave for 3 minutes approximately. Then rinse.
Sometimes I pass without being in the bath too(a very small amount EVEN), I spread in the hair before leaving in the morning to work. It is great for giving shine and firmness, almost a fixative! Hhahaha
Meanwhile, the  AMO Australian Macadamia  oil I spend after bath, before bed, with very dry hair. I do not like to pass before leaving because it has less quantity, can be used for less time, and it gives the hair a wet look, so when I use it, I let it dry… But the product leaves the hair light, smelling too smooth and Turn off the volume. Very good.
It moisturizes and gives shine to the hair. After I lightened a little, this oil was one of the products that did not let my hair become weak and ugly because of the paint. Both have sunscreen, I became fan of Yenzah!!
I hope you enjoy and enjoy the tips, super recommend!
And you? Already knew the product?!
If not, well worth a try! Kisses