Beautiful Skin and Well Treated!

Vain women love the universe of beauty, especially when the subject is rejuvenation, agree? We of the Hunch of Luxury then forget it is just show up any news we’re chasing… lol! That’s why we decided to dedicate this Thursday to talk about another brand of skin care products that is making a huge success in Brazil: the VEER.
The VEER is a Cosmetics company in the area of aesthetics and is present on the market since 2005.Currently, the brand offers skin care programs distributed across the body and facial lines, professional use and care home line, created especially to optimize the results of the treatments carried out in clinics.
VEER products are developed with high quality raw materials and active ingredients with scientific proof of efficacy, besides being clinically and dermatologically tested, providing visibly younger-looking skin, bright and healthy. Look at that delicious Spa line, it is refreshing, revitalising and relaxing… then what delíciaaa to use this holiday!
The entire research process and VEER development follows the concept of biotechnology and Biomimetic Skin, which searches for the best results from the maximum interaction between the characteristics of the health skin, cosmetic base and its assets from, leveraging your action, but with low allergen level. The creams below assist in preventing wrinkles. Amamooosss and, of course, want to todosss… lol!!! Are neurotic anti-aging creams, especially those!
Mild emulsion with assets that prevent the signs of skin aging. Alfalfa extract prevents the appearance of wrinkles and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. After a single application of the product showed up to 60% improvement in skin firmness, according to study. Protects the skin against UVB radiation.
VEER technology aims to provide well-being and intelligent products with multiple functions, able to meet the pace of modern life and facilitate the day-to-day supplying all the needs of the skin. You already know this pen secativa for acne? Has toner at action and helps to disguise the imperfections of the skin. Perfect for carrying in your bag!
The VEER also has sunscreen in the form of Powder, which can be used as makeup! The dust has easy application and is able to assist in daily maintenance of protection of the skin, providing protection UVA and UVB in Natural colors, Peach and Bronze.
Adoramooosss and products we recommend to you! But always we advise that, firstly, you must schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to find out which product is right for your skin type!