Bathroom Hand Towel Holder Ideas

An important role in equipping the bathroom takes a towel holder. Conveniently, the towel hanging next to the wash basin or bath, at arm’s length. Today, we offer a look at three very simple master class how to make towel holder with his hands in the form of rods or rings.

Wall Towel Holder with a Rod

Materials and tools:
Metal or wooden beams;
Old leather belts or strips of leather;
Drill, dowels and screws.
⇒ Step 1: Prepare the crossbar. If you are using wood, it makes sense to cover them with water-repellent varnish or if the metal – choose light pipes stainless steel alloys. Make sure that the bars edges are not sharp or jagged. Treat them sandpaper or a file. You can also use any variants of plastic plugs or soft covers on the ends of the crossbar.

⇒ Step 2. Unnecessary leather straps – perfect for holders. But instead you can use strips of skin, tight bands or straps. Cut the strap into 4 parts. Fold one piece in half and do the drill or an awl through the hole near the end. May have holes on the belt.
⇒ Step 3. Drill two holes in the wall. The distance between them should be 10-15 cm less than the length of the rod. The hole hammer anchor, then attach a folded piece of belt and tighten its screws.
⇒ Step 4 . Insert the bar into the straps. Holder for towels ready to use! By the way, at such holder in the form of a rod can be hung paper towels in rolls.

Towel Holder as Ring

Materials and tools:
A metal ring;
Old leather belt or a strip of skin;
Drill, dowels and screws.
⇒ Step 1: Cut a piece of leather belt or a length of 10-15 cm. Fold in half and make closer to the ends of the through-hole with an awl or a drill.
⇒ Step 2. Make a strap loop around the ring. You may want to use glue, the ring does not rotate in the eyelet.
⇒ Step 3. Drill a hole in the wall, drive the dowel and screw the screw ring with leather loop.
Quite an unusual project holder that resembles a circus trapeze. If we use the buckle, similar to that used in shoulder straps bags, the boom height is adjustable according to

Towel Holder – Crossbeam

Materials and tools:
Metal or wooden beams;
2 belt length of at least 1.5 m (2 slings, tapes made of Polypropylene or a dense cotton);
Drill, dowels and screws;
Ceiling attachment – hooks or rings.
⇒ Step 1. Make a loop at the end of each belt. If you do not plan to pull out of the hinge post to change rolls of paper towels, you can tightly wrap the strap around the bar, sew and glue or use Velcro.
⇒ Step 2. Mount the using drills, screws and dowels special attachment to the ceiling. Make sure the belts are of equal length, and the distance between fasteners is the distance between the loops on the bar. Then the bar will hang straight, parallel to the floor. Make a loop on the straps and attach them to fastenings.
Three towel holder above can be used not only in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen and the toilets cafes and public institutions, in swimming pools or saunas.