Basic Men's Clothes for Summer

The summer is already knocking on the door, in Brazil long before the arrival of the station are already facing high temperatures, so pay attention to the basic clothing to face any occasion even under a Senegalese heat.

Basic T-Shirts

Summer asks light clothes according to Ruizesolar, and what more quickly comes to mind are the classic cotton shirts, because if the heat is hot they are your last resort. Not to miss, never appeal to white and grey, in addition to match with everything, are cool and comfortable.

Cargo Bermuda

Every man loves a bermuda, especially during the summer. The position is a good thing, especially if they are in shades of beige, khaki or Brown, but don’t overdo the dose, use only outdoor trips, to enclosed spaces, with tailoring cutting are more suitable.

Casual Blazer Take

Can be in linen, wool Twill light or cold not to hot without giving up the elegance and style, after all, as I have said on other occasions, it is a play Joker in the male wardrobe.

Low Sneakers

Canvas shoes with low soles and few props are the hottest season of the year. Models like the slip and the yacht (photo) of Vans match city, beach or field, keeping your feet fresh. Chuck Taylor (All Star) and Jack Purcell Converse also make it on the list.

Polo Shirt

Been overexposed in recent years and gained supporters and detractors, but still have your charm and style for days. Give preference to the most simple, like the classic Lacoste models. The rugby poles are very contrived and weigh too much visual.

Colorful Canvas Belt

A great accessory to add a little color to look. Put a jeans and a white t-shirt. How about a belt of a strong color to leave the more elaborate?

Jeans Of Course

The denim ultraescuro is beautiful in winter, but in summer the jeans of tom a little clearer has to do with the weather and the type of visual that people adopt, in addition to being naturally cooler.

Twill Khaki Pants

A great option for the jeans are the trousers khaki Twill. Light and fresh material, they can be used with shirts or t-shirts, shoes or sneakers, worth up to a double on the bar to take a breeze in the shins.

Plaid Shirt Vichy

Mention that you must have in your wardrobe a white shirt is unnecessary in the context of this article, but for those who like chess and want to keep using even in summer, the pattern with the station is the vichy for having a good clean and light.

Bermuda Water

As long as you book your use only to the beach, the water is an indispensable item shorts for the man. Its fast drying, freshness and mobility are highly comfortable, making the part ideal for aquatic use.

Wool Suit Cold

I never tire of saying that the suit cold wool is the best companion of man who needs this kind of costume. His raw material magic, being warm in winter and cool in the summer, unlike the polyester, known for being hotter all the time.