Basic Makeup for All Skin

Who likes makeup and understand a little of the subject knows that there are techniques, products and suitable colors for each person, including shades of different skins. Even so, it is possible to learn a Joker to anyone, with any skin color and age. Check out the Walkthrough:

  • This makeup is great and learn it is important, especially if you like to have a single option and that is always good. To make it, you need a foundation in your skin tone, a concealer, facial powder, two shadows (a nude and a brown), black eye pencil, mascara, blush and lipstick nude Brown.

By standardising the skin

You should start preparing the skin with makeup base, used all over the face. Then fix dark circles with a correction in the same tone of your skin or a little bit more clear, so that the region stay lit. Use a rounded base brush soft bristles to apply powder on the face, pulling out the brightness of the skin.

Highlighting the eyes

In the eye, we will apply the shadow nude throughout the mobile eyelid. Then, come with Brown and mark the concave and the external corner. Use a blending brush to break the mark, leaving the trace smoother. Use the dregs of Brown shadow brush for blending, close to the lower lashes. Now, apply black pencil on waterline. Apply two coats of mascara. Finalize lighting below the eyebrow with the shade nude or with an illuminator.

Blush and lipstick

To give more life to the face, use the blush Brown to mark the cheekbones. If you want, use the same product to work around other areas of the face such as the nose, Chin and forehead. Finally, apply the lipstick nude.
See how this makeup is simple? And the best thing is that she looks beautiful in all the skins and ages, in addition to serve for any occasion, from work to the party.