Ball Screw Locking Mechanism

Secured with thread keeps better: screw

Simple Snappers (usually in Expressen) and the well-known pear-shaped carabiners of HMS carabiner are part of the basic equipment of every climber. Here are some notes on the different versions.

Screw locking mechanism

In addition to classical screw caps, there are some models screws carabiners with combined lock systems like the Rotary screw cap. Some of these mechanisms may be so well thought out and safe, they can be sometimes so impractical handling.
Just beginners should better access to simple screw hooks. Also, ice climbers should test whether the carabiner is open even when wearing gloves and in the slightly icy condition allows. With some practice, such types of screw allow quick and easy control with a combination of screw and screw top.

Form and construction of screw

There’s carabiner, which look like small HMS carabiners due to their shape. They offer good protection from lateral load through the special curvature by turning. There are also variants where a wire as a protection against accidental twisting is integrated. Who likes long scrambling routes or those with cross gradients is also a carabiner with a pulley to reduce friction.