Backup & rappelling equipment

Belay devices and abseil devices

The tube
a backup device is in climbing gear, today and give you. It offers more comfort in handling compared to the assurance with half mast litter and is gentler to the rope. Many backup devices can be used also as a descender.
A wide range of different devices from the tube via the descent until to the semi-automatic machines can be found in us in the shop.

For sport climbers in the single strand

Semi-automatic machines

, Semi-automatic machines are devices with a blocking support. After the fall or clean installing blocked a semiautomatic rope and relieves the safer, which can keep the brake cable with little manual force. Nevertheless, the brake hand principle to keep in mind is necessarily.
For a long time designing a semi-automatic backup device for this reason offers an extra comfort. Classic examples of semi-automatic machines are the Grigri2 of Petzl or the Matik camp.


Autotubes are a subgroup of the semi-automatic. For them there is also blocking support, however this is dependent on the correct position of the brake hand.
From this reason moving the Autotuber in a way between the classical Tubern and the semi-automatic, count but according to DAV definition to the semi-automatic and the recommended backup devices.
The car Tubern include: smart, click up, ergo, mega Jul You can find a detailed article on the recommendation of the DAV at us at base camp.

The tube – versatile and good handling

the class of the tubes is very popular. Classic examples of this are the Black Diamond ATC or the Reverso by Petzl. The popularity is due to the good handling and above all versatility. Especially in the field of multiple cable routes and if a dynamic backup is advised, his strengths playing the tube.
As the most tubes thanks to two cable channels as a belay device can be used and can be used depending upon the design with half or twin ropes. Due to the construction of tubes are very easy. These properties have made it very interesting for the Alpine area. Here are versions with additional loops available, which allows backup of subsequent entrants.

for professionals and lovers: the descent

once it was the backup device of climbing – the descent. Even today swear numerous climbers on this genus of backup devices. They can be used with single, half and twin ropes. Aft is there in the classic ring shape, the V-shape, and the angular form. The latter encourage the history of the rope into the device and ensures a higher braking force.
Descent are available from numerous manufacturers like AustriAlpin, Black Diamond and Mammut.

Backup devices for thin ropes

Nowadays many ropes with a very small diameter are available. Here attention should be paid in addition to the experience on the choice of an appropriate backup device. An indication of suitable diameter can be found in the product description.

Spoilt for choice

Difficult is to find the correct backup device
sometimes. Mostly the key factors are a focus on the desired betting area and the own experience. Our customer service team will also be happy with advice and is via chat, hotline and E-Mail.