Backpack: See 4 Tips to Avoid Spinal Problems in Children

Did you know that the child should carry the equivalent of 10% of their body weight? To help you organize the materials that need to be put in the backpack, we have listed 4 tips to keep you alert and to help avoid spinal problems in your small

Carrying too much weight is uncomfortable and can cause future problems in the spine. “At most, the child should carry the equivalent of 10% of his body weight,” says Jomar Souza, director of the Brazilian Society of Medicine for exercise and sport. It is also valid to choose a backpack with padded straps, used one on each shoulder, to divide the weight in the column. When in doubt, analyze at the time of purchase as it gets when the little one puts it on the back.

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  1. The ideal model is the bag with wide straps, since it divides the weight of the load.
  2. Avoid backpacks with a single strap and do not let your child wear backpacks that are already worn out due to use.
  3. Those that have partitions are more recommended because they allow organizing the materials. Books need to be placed in the back, and try to use a notebook for each subject, which are included or removed from the backpack daily.
  4. In backpacks with wheels, pay attention to the height of the handle, so that your child is not bent.