Backcountry Ski Gear Checklist

Backcountry ski

Cross-country skiing is a nature sport of first quality, the backcountry skiing is the sport following the call of nature in the final analysis. Wider boards make it now possible to emancipate themselves at cross-country skiing the trails and cross country – nothing else is meant by backcountry – trudge. In accordance with the requirements of the ungroomed terrain, the ski must be wider to provide more wing. The surface with steel edges, binding, and the shoes must be also robust and resilient because the loads are higher than in the moderate trail usage. Brands such as Fischer and Hagen offer a wide range of skis, boots, bindings and poles.

Shoes and bindings

the characteristics compared to conventional cross-country ski show at the shoes and the binding. The shoes must close up what you want to keep the snow out. Here also, a first-rate insulation is required due to winter temperatures. The shoes provide a good shoe profile with lot of grip to go. Many models are designed for more active operations with pulkas and accordingly comfortably. All backcountry shoes is however mean that a high rigidity has its sole over and she was specially designed for a good power transfer at the long lukewarm. The bindings for backcountry are also quite robust ski. Because backcountry have ski steel edges, which makes possible even moderate slopes, the bindings must able to withstand the prevailing forces. Boot-binding systems must be co-ordinated. Interested parties can choose between different systems, which are often incompatible.

The choice of the right ski

in the choice of the right ski, body size and the weight of the driver, play a crucial role. According to these values, namely the proper preload and length is measured. These values determine much about the characteristics of the boards and affect the interplay between sliding and climbing zone of the covering. There are also different widths and ski with other technical details of the selection. Depending on the purpose can be clarified, the better succeeds in a consulting. Investment plus a small amount for the maintenance should be kept, because a high-quality sports equipment requires maintenance.