Back to the Campus: with that Bag?

The back-to-school is the perfect moment to finally change that backpack beaten by a young.It is in this moment that speaks louder and the opportunities are even better. For those who are passionate both for our backpacks, as for our daypacks practices, the time is now! Want to know what is the ideal bag for you? So look!

For the day to day

If the focus is a backpack that can accompany you on a daily basis, you will enjoy our day packs. The Router is a super complete model that offers up cell phone charger, plus space for storing notebook and other electronic gadgets. The Vault offers comfort for the adventurer who needs a more basic model and comfortable and the Borealis offers more options for those who want a bag with a cool design.

For adventures

Our backpacks to attack stand together design, practicality, space and comfort in one thing – and you will surely find the irate models! The Angstrom is perfect for outdoor adventures (trekking, hiking, etc) because it offers protection from rain, have system that integrates with hydration belt of The North Face and is champion in space. The Ap can also be used in outdoor activities, as much as your design is more urban. The hint!

For those who are addicted to technology

In addition to the Router, other models of The North Face offer more care to those who do not leave their electronic devices at home. If you are looking for a model that will protect your gadgets, our other tips are the Big Shot II and the Hot Shot. If the search is for a more versatile model, Arises!
Enjoyed it? Then run that’s happening high opportunities for back to school! Only comes!