Back to School

The vacation is already over and soon the second semester classes begin. Then it is time to organize the backpack, see if all the material is complete, if you need to buy some extra book, notebook, pencil, pen and also review the subjects given in the previous units. Nothing better than coming up with the cool things in your head. We have put together some tips for your return to school. Check it:

1 – On holidays we have the habit of waking up later. So how about you start getting back to the routine at least a couple of days before? Wake up a little earlier and get accustomed your biological clock back to routine.

2 – Make sure your clothes are all organized. If you do not need to buy some piece, such as blouse, pants, sock or sneakers. Not worth leaving for last minute.

3 – Review the subjects given in the previous semester. Read your notes again. You will see that it is very worth arriving with the “brain fit”.

4 – On the first day of class (and the following ones as well), when you wake up, have a good breakfast. Eat eggs, toast, cereal, etc. Do not skip breakfast. You need energy to put up with the day at school, no matter how much you snack there.