Today I want to present to you the Babycub, another partner of blog that has a super different and original proposal to buy clothes for our children.
It works like this; you choose between one of the 3 plans that the site offers (for 2, 3 or 6 items and monthly, bimonthly or quarterly), fills a record with a plug of your son with age, choice of colors, climate, requirements, etc. and then a mom stylist (Yes, it’s got to be a parent to understand the other mothers), comes in contact with you to finalize your order. In a few days you will receive a “Jack-in-the-box” in your House with the amount of items you have chosen and within all the questions that you asked for.
And what’s the advantage of that?
The advantage is to buy the parts from brands such as Tip Top, Malwee, Brandili, Mimo Tomboy, Luli, Elian, Fakini, Moon of the legend, among others for 30% less than value you would buy in a store, and still have the convenience of receiving everything at home. And if you don’t like a play, can change to be satisfied!
I tested the service and I’m going to tell you how it went.
My requirements for the girls were:
–I would like to an outfit like to Bruna and Manu, descoladinha, for use on the weekend and quite comfortable, that you could use with and without a jacket on top;
-Fluffy fabric floral dress for Bruna from, preferably with seabed, black or red, which are the colors that she gets better
-Body type sunbath for Manu
The box arrived as the body pink, same clothes for both and the dress of Bruna she used on the same day, see:
It was a nice surprise, I loved the pieces!
And the cool of the Babycub is that each box you purchased, they donate a t-shirt to a needy child.
The founders of Babycub have spent years as volunteers, developing relationships with several NGOs and associations throughout Brazil and know how important it is to help in a country with so many people lacking such as ours.
Now the best of all; the Babycub is offering a super gift for the readers of My Dikas, R $50 discount on first purchase! To get the discount just enter the code: MINHASDIKAS50
For more information visit the Babycub website!