Baby Shower Games Ideas

Shortly before the birth of the child is celebrated again: with a baby shower! Great ideas for games here.
In the United States or England, the baby shower is long tradition. Shortly before the birth of the baby, a big party is held for the expectant MOM – usually without their knowledge. At the heart of the baby shower, gifts, food, and games are available. These parties are becoming increasingly popular in Germany.
Clearly, at a baby shower, there is no alcohol. Order anyway mood, games of all kinds make for good mood. For example, guessing the abdominal circumference are classics. Or the expectant Mommy must guess who made her what gift by gift wrapping through guessing what it is hiding.

Also if to a baby shower games include, should you to listen as an organizer for the guest of honor, whether the finds to silly things. Some pregnant women find it not funny when the belly is painted her. Others hate to feel what blindfolded.
So better before asks if you are unsure of. Not games and action, are the most important goal of the baby shower but the mommy in PES still really has fun with all her friends, and can enjoy a last afternoon without baby .
To make the baby shower a success, come here ten games that are fun and make sure all the fun.

Assess waist circumference

Appreciate the abdominal girth is a fun game, that should be missed at any baby shower. And one of the few games that cost absolutely nothing.
Here’s how:
All get a piece of paper and need to estimate how much centimeter measures of the expectant mother’s baby bump. Estimates are recorded, then the abdomen is measured and the guest, who is the closest it gets a small prize.

Paint baby belly

So a beautiful baby bump is with a little paint, glitter and co. just still prettier!
Here’s how:
Worried, body paint, brushes and washable glitter and stones, with which the baby bump is embellished. All must contribute. At the end of the work of art will be photographed and the expectant Mommy Gets a deduction in the frame as a reminder.

Baby photos map

What a cute baby picture! But which of the guests was the cute pie? Quiz character games are becoming very popular at a baby shower. They cost nothing and can prepare themselves with little effort.
Here’s how:
Asks all guests to bring a baby photo of yourself. The pictures are pinned to a wall and then the mommy in spe has to guess which Guest belongs to what baby picture.

Vortex the vial

From a baby bottle to drink is not that easy. Who will make it the fastest?
Here’s how:
You need as many bottles as guests. The bottles are filled with milk or non-alcoholic punch and we go! Now, it is chewed like crazy. The guest, whose Flasche is first empty drunk, wins the game.

Baby food tasting

Aims, baby food! There, one can only hope that all the guests have brought abundant hunger! This is a classic for any baby shower and one of the games where the expectant mommy can participate at the same time with all their guests.
Here’s how:
First, the eyes are connected to the expectant Mommy. She must taste one or two baby food jar and guess which court probably behind it is. Then come the other guests.
You can play this baby shower game well into two groups. Two compete against each other and have to guess the Court.

Painting baby clothes

Creativity is a must at this game!
Here’s how:
Worried white baby bodysuits, best for each guest, as well as textile dyes and pins, bracket pictures and co.
Each guest Gets a body and can personalize it. The best will be awarded and the Mama in spe has many great baby things with a personal touch.

Wrap contest

Freshly baked mothers spend much time on the drawers. Because it has to go quickly! The baby shower the expectant mommy can directly practice and in the game to prove that she’s got.
Here’s how:
Get at least two baby dolls, diapers, rompers and co. and let’s compete on two or more guests. Who has finished wrapped the doll and dressed first, WINS.
Tip: It becomes difficult when the game blindfolded.

Baby Stadt land Fluss

Stadt land Fluss different and perfect for the baby shower. These kind of games plays well with all guests and provides lots of fun.
Here’s how:
Each baby shower guest Gets a pen and a large sheet of paper. He lays across and writes above typical sections around the baby, baby stores, baby names, baby disease, baby clothing.
A guest in the spirit of going through the alphabet, while another one day ‘ Stopp’ calls. The letters, in which guest 1 has arrived, must find all terms beginning with the appropriate letter. Who is ready first, WINS.
Letter M
Baby stores: Mobile
Baby name: Michael
Baby illnesses: Measles
Baby clothing: Hat

Guess baby utensils

Is easy to guess a pacifier with a blindfold or the baby brush. But what about other baby paraphernalia?
Here’s how:
Mama in PES are blindfolded and she must guess various baby articles solely by keys.
Version: You can play this game in two groups and compete candidates.

Guess kids songs

Who knows ‘Come a bird flying’? At the baby shower, everyone can test their knowledge.
Here’s how:
Two groups are formed. The Director plays one by one the first bars of children’s songs. Guess the title first, WINS. There are extra points if at least two verses to be sung.
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