Baby Room Stickers: 30 Ideas and Photos

The trend of wall stickers has been increasingly extended and new rooms are receiving the novelty, as is the case for infant environments. Using adhesives for baby room is a way to decorate the environment without having much work to change the color of the walls or hire someone to paint drawings.

Adhesives for Female baby room
In the girl’s room The wall adhesive with flowers and birds leaves the environment with little girly face. In addition to drawing, it is also possible to buy with the child’s name and leave the baby space customized according to
Choosing a model that has harmonic colours with the remainder of the piece is an important step in order not to err on the purchase. In this room, the decoration in different shades of purple was the point to choose the style in purple tones as well.
Another hint is to use it behind the cradle to give impression of continuity in decoration.
If the intention is to bet on a clean decor for the little room, know that it is also possible to use options to make the corner more cozy for the child without weighing in the decoration.
The choice of beige-colored walls and light furniture left the clean environment. The female white-tree adhesive, with a little color on the birds and butterflies gave a more cheerful touch in the child’s corner.
The idea of using the cradle as a base for the play is ideal in small rooms. In this baby girl space, the model on the cradle was not isolated, since some adhesive flowers also served base in the footer.
The play doesn’t have to be the highlight point, but it can give a colored to the baby’s corner. In the girl’s room, the little owlets family is a small sticker, but leaves the room more colorful and delicate.
If you like the idea of little owlets to decorate baby girl’s room, you can bet on the tree sticker with owls. In addition to colorful and cheerful, this type of option still allows you to create, as it is possible to paste the parts (sheets and nuts) according to personal taste and create something unique.
Child-character wall stickers are ideal for decorating space.
Tinker Bell on the wall behind the cradle left the corner more delicate and the stars completed the space on the baby’s corner.
Male Baby Room Adhesive
Using the cradle space to create a design scenario in Baby boy’s room is a great choice.
The tree and Bear’s collages have left the childish space more entertaining, and the colours used in the adhesive can be inserted into the remainder of the decoration.
Twigs and trees are always a good bet at the time of choosing the part of the child’s corner. The teddy bear sticker with a kite is fun and light colours leave the room with a soft decoration.
The colorful wall is also ideal for creating a cheerful corner and leaving the place colorful. In the boy’s room, the blue wall at the bottom of the cradle gained more prominence with the leaked adhesive bugs, which shows the color of the wall.
The option of using wall adhesive scattered throughout the piece is ideal for creating a scenario. If you do not find templates that form a scenario, you can purchase separate templates and create unique décor.
The baby boy’s room received a lighthouse and some little boats and waves scattered across the blue wall, which gives the impression of being a sea.
Using options that refer to the universe of astronomy, such as spaceships, planets and rockets is a way to decorate the corner of the child in a fun way. To leave the corner even more cheerful, choose a color for the wall that stays in harmony with the decoration and adhesives used.
The wall adhesive in the nursery can also be combined with the bedding and stay close to the cradle. The ideal is to leave it at the height of the child’s eyes, so the baby can have fun with the decoration.
Using a custom adhesive with the baby’s name is an option too. In addition to the pattern, the wall in harmony leaves the environment more pleasant to receive the baby.
Price and where to buy
The prices of the baby room stickers may vary, but you can find options from R $19.90; So it makes it easier to decorate without spending too much.
For those who liked the idea and want to leave the environment decorated, it is possible to find the stickers in shops that sell items for nursery decoration or even in online shops.
Photos and ideas for decorating Bebe’s room with adhesives
Did you like the idea of decorating using stickers for baby room? The feature is a practical, quick and inexpensive way to decorate the room of the baby that is on its way. And the best thing is that it prevents reforms and paintings, so it’s easy for moms with belly decorating the nursery.