Avalanche Shovel and Probe Combo

Effective in extreme cases: the avalanche shovel

Snowshoes strapped on and on it goes in the alpine terrain. But care! Avalanches are a risk, that should never be underestimated. Therefore, an avalanche shovel, avalanche probe and the avalanche in the luggage of every ski and high trips along should belong to. Avalanche shovels are designed to unearth a buried person out of the snow in an emergency. But the avalanche shovel proved not only to the avalanche rescue: snowboarders can scoop up kicker or after the tour, the car Wilder to can be shoveled free.

What distinguishes high quality avalanche shovels?

It comes to extreme cases, avalanche shovels need to enable quick and effective action. Therefore, avalanche shovels must meet some specific criteria, so that in case of emergency everything is quickly and securely.
In the avalanche cone of snow is heavily compacted and therefore very firm and hard, that’s why the most important property for an avalanche shovel is sure stability. The blade and the shaft of avalanche shovels should be made of durable material and of course not give way in the blades or even break. A robust avalanche shovel is a piece of good security when it comes time to emergency situations.
The excavation of buried every second counts, therefore, avalanche shovels should be simple and easy to manage. With an ergonomic avalanche shovel, do you lose much time and can act immediately. Two other important factors are weight and size. An avalanche shovel belongs to the standard safety equipment. Since you should have it so always with it, it is of course beneficial if it weighs that much. Many avalanche shovels can shrink themselves by a telescopic handle. So they fit easily in every backback.