Avalanche probes (21)

Reliable helper in emergencies: the avalanche probe

, The risk of an avalanche should never be underestimated! Therefore, an avalanche probe (called also probing rod) should be next to the transceiver and the avalanche shovel on ski tours in any case always. Avalanche probes are used for the fine search of victim. It is fast and effective action of the utmost importance, because the chances of survival of a victim already decline dramatically after a short time. A high-quality probing rod can so be to the life saver when the emergency occurs!

Such as probing rods work?

In the event of a burial the probe is, introduced after the rough by the transceiver, vertically in the snow, to determine the exact location and depth of the victim. Here again, the depth marking on the avalanche probe facilitates orientation. Has one fine probed with the rod the victim, can be started immediately with the rescue.
The avalanche rescue as already mentioned is about every second. Probing rods should therefore be also ready when it really matters. High quality avalanche probes consist of multiple segments that are connected by a clamping system. That makes it possible to set this in a matter of seconds together. So no vital time is lost. Probing rods are in the composite state, usually between 2 and 4 meters long and should be stable and easy to carry. The probe should be an integral part of the equipment of every ski and high trips along!