Avalanche Equipment

Life saver in an emergency: the avalanche equipment

, Avalanches are a risk should not be underestimated in the mountain and winter sports. Therefore, a high quality avalanche equipment always should be when it comes to the winter mountains. Already after a few minutes, the survival chances of avalanche fall dramatically. An avalanche equipment enables fast and effective action if the emergency occurs. In conjunction with a backpack of avalanche the avalanche equipment is the best way to survive an emergency.

What is a full avalanche equipment?

An avalanche equipment generally comprises three components: the avalanche (short WMS), the probe and the avalanche shovel. The LVS device is used to locate the victim. When transmitting a signal on a standardized frequency is sent at short intervals. This signal can be tracked themselves from one another in the reception mode of the Avalanche. The probe is the part of avalanche equipment that is used for the exact location of the victim. The probe is introduced to the fine sounding in the snow to determine the exact location and depth of the victim. With the avalanche shovel, avalanche equipment to penetrate a way up to the buried person offers. By a stable shovel blade and a fixed stock it is possible through heavily compacted snow to dig. < br / > In an extreme case, the avalanche equipment becomes the Lifesaver, because with the recovery of victims, every minute counts! An avalanche equipment belongs in any case in the luggage of every regulatory!