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Ortovox avalanche equipment kit safe on winter tour with avalanche sets

Glistening snow, endless powder – paradise for skiers, freeriders and snowboarders looks. Would there be not the ever-present threat of avalanches which tarnish the unadulterated joy of winter athletes. With a high-quality avalanche equipment set, consisting of reliable components, the threat is that, in the case of the case you can afford but effective help.
A complete avalanche set consists of a probe, a beacon and an avalanche shovel. It is important but keeping in mind that even the best avalanche equipment can prevent no avalanche. Can only a reasonable tour planning, experience in the assessment of slope safety and if necessary the cancellation of a tour or the waiver, to enter into the slope.
Even the most beautiful powder or the most interesting rise must stand back behind the security – under no circumstances should be through an avalanche equipment set to persuade, to take increased risks!

Mammut avalanche equipment set which should contain my avalanche set?

As mentioned above, a good set consists of a probe, a beacon and an avalanche shovel. < br / > we start with the probe. A good probe is stable, up and running quickly and easily in the best case. The probe is easier, the less falls in the backpack to the load and is also really getting taken. Avalanche probes consist of several single segments and are stretched in an emergency with a cord or Twine in the Interior.
As with the rest of the equipment sets at probe – only with regular training and lots of practice you can of fine sounding good results away. < br / > avalanche shovels must be robust, lightweight and compact can be stowed in a backpack. Ergonomic handles make it easy to work. An avalanche shovel is not only saving a victim, but one can also build small jump or snow bar used to be. < br / > the beacon is usually the most expensive part of the avalanche equipment set. They are available from different manufacturers, the function is always the same.
Beacon sending on a single frequency. In recent years, new functions were developed in the field, which should facilitate the search by digital support. The principles apply at all electronic help: the device must be understood, can be operated in a panic and above all you have to do one – practice, practice, practice!