AUO Has Already in Production The New AMOLED with Resolution Panels 1. 440p

A few weeks ago, JDI presented their new panels of 5.5 inches with resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels, more commonly known as 2K though the term is poorly applied, because this resolution 1. 440p responds to the nomenclature Quad HD (or QHD).
The firm made up of Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi is not the only to sign up to the jump of resolution, and is that AU Optitronics (AUO) has also just announced the start of production of its first AMOLED panels with resolution 1. 440p, which will have 5.7 and 6-inch diagonal.
If the leading manufacturers have wanted to skip this evolution in the current heavyweights of their catalogues, it seems that the next generation will not escape already mounted screens with densities higher than 500 pixels per inch.
At least component makers to pave the way for when the industry decide to make the leap massively, because at the moment just Oppo Find 7 has dared to climb to the 1. 440p with the new JDI panel.
AUO will teach their new panels, with densities of 515 DPI in the case of the 5.7 inches and 489 DPI in the case of 6 inches, to the fair Optoelectronics Display Expo 2014 in China, and the manufacturer provides that they will be ready to hit the market in the second half of this 2014.