Asus and Intel Intend to Launch Low-Cost Android Netbooks

Netbooks are losing the tablets market share, especially in the target compound by users who think a complement to your main computer. It is necessary to redefine the concept of netbook and perhaps that is what it purports to do Asus: launch this year netbooks at a low cost with Android 3.0.

ASUS with Intel presented in June a model of netbook with a 10 inch screen and Atom chip from a single-core that would be around 200-250 dollars. Incorporate Android you could approach the most basic tablets that will arrive soon, but by far the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Motorola Xoom. It is rather an option that could shuffle between the cheap tablets like the Corby Kiros that for the same price or a little more can have a fairly complete equipment for leisure or for work, but with a limitation that is clear if not it brings with it a touch screen.

The NetBook with Android they face a difficult challenge as Honeycomb is a very focused operating system touch control that would make difficult the interaction with the computer having to move around the screen without being able to touch it.

Although you see some logic to the low-cost Android netbook as alternative to tablets almost prefer bets such as Asus EEE Slider that combines the concept of team full to half way between the tablet and the utraportatil without abandoning the physical keyboard or touch screen.

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