Ascenders for Climbing Rope

Ascenders for climbing up the rope

Whether planned or an emergency situation: it is with ascenders, as the name suggests, with little effort on the rope climb is. Among mountaineers, this form of transportation on the rope is called up also “Jümarn”.
Ascenders which are often also called rope clamps are constructed that can traverse the cable in one direction only. You will find mainly at the big-wall climbing, as well as the technical climbing and expeditions application. Also can ascenders are helpful also in the construction of pulleys used and help to achieve the most exciting perspective for his photo climbing photographer.

Construction of ascenders

Almost all ascenders work via a mobile element which is pressed over a feather on the rope and crushes the rope under load. So reliable and works even in extreme situations, such as frozen ropes, this many devices also have small teeth or grooves that are biting down on the cable sheath. The damage to the rope is as minimal as possible.
In addition one or more carabiners eyelets on the Ascender will find for attaching to the belt or attachment of slings. The locking action occurs by means of a lever. So can be with a rope clamp on the rope, which, not only but also descend.

Various forms of ascenders

There’s ascenders in various designs. The Spartan model simple fangs, and carabiner clip to the sophisticated ergonomic cable terminal with eyelets and large rubberized handle. Who even more comfortable to move up the rope is also leading terminals. The choice depends on the area of use. But it is certain: ascenders are indispensable from the mountain sports.