Artdeco "Couture Spearmint"

Today I would like to introduce you a varnish, which in my opinion fits colorfully into the summer and with which I had to think after painting directly on a similar varnish. The talk is of the Artdeco Art Couture Nail Lacquer in the color 832 “Couture Spearmint”. The Art Couture Nail Lacquer series has been available in the Artdeco range since the middle of Mayand includes 36 colors. They are characterized by a new brush which is designed to facilitate application. By a special gel-based film former the paints dry very quickly. A 100% herbal bio-elasticizing agent is said to keep the texture elastic even after drying and thereby increase the durability.

Color: Couture Spearmint is a light mint with creamfinish without glitter or shimmer.
Content & Price: 10ml content for 8,50 €
Application and durability: To get to the brush, first remove the black cap. The ribbed brush handle is well in the hand and the brush itself is pleasantly wide. This means that painting is really child’s play. The lacquer can be applied evenly and without streaks. I have needed two layers for a covering result. As usual, I used a Top Coat (Butter London Hardwear Quick Topcoat) and dried the two layers relatively quickly. I am particularly enthusiastic about the durability.Even after cleaning, the lacquer does not split off and showed only on the fifth day some tipwear. Since with me nail polish but generally good hold, one should not necessarily as a benchmark.
After painting, I immediately had to think about another mint-colored lacquer: Essie Mint Candy Apple! Both varnishes are quite similar and on the nails one will probably still perceive less of the difference. Mint Candy Apple has a slightly higher blue content, while Couture Spearmint has a slightly higher proportion of green.

My Conclusion

Qualitatively I have in the Art Couture nail polish “Couture Spearmint” nothing to complain about! Uniform and effortless application Thanks to a wide brush and good consistency, good covering power after two layers and great durability. Now I am curious about the other colors of the kind couture nail polish. Couture Spearmint is similar to the Essie Mint Candy Apple, but with a second Mint varnish in my collection I can live. Especially when the durability convinces me as in this case. So from me four out of four possible suns! You can find a further review, for example, with cold coffee.