Armwarmers (27)

Flexible on the bike with Armlingen

Mountain bike, touring bike or road bike: when you’re on the move under its own power on two wheels, small accessories can significantly improve the cycling comfort. A simple heat protection such as a hose band under the helmet, the right gloves, a mask of the storm or the famous leg warmers, Kneewarmers and Armwarmers! Weigh hardly anything, and effectively protect against loss of heat but delicate limbs and joints! < br / > it should go here to the latter – which properties make good Armwarmers, what materials is it else to note it and what gives with the purchase of Armwärmern?

Types and characteristics of Armlingen

You are actually not genuinely warmer warmer for the arm. There’s the long arm-warmers also in special cooling tissues. Here in the shop, there is a wide range of different types of well-known manufacturers in the field of cycling such as ENDURA, Mavic, Löffler and Pearl Izumi. < br / > what model it is by Armlingen, does one find out the respective product description. As a general rule: the thicker, heavier and warmer the Armwarmers. Most hybrid fabric consisting of synthetic fibers in Armlingen are used. Spandex provides the elasticity. Polyamide and polyester are quick-drying and resistant to deformation. For good weather protection, you should access to Armlingen with a windproof membrane. They give no chance cold breezes and are also water repellent. There’s also Armwarmers with wool. They are very soft and warm. < br / > in general you should look for when purchasing a next to the width and length on the details. Cooling models come in bright colors. Preformed Armwarmers (left / right) are better. Reflectors ensure safety and silicone trim avoid annoying slides on the upper arm on the upper ring. Generally applies also to Armwarmers: the fewer seams, the comfortable!